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November 2010

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carry on..

Christmas. Christmas can be nice and fun but its always the present that makes things difficult. this year i have decided to make the presents instead of buying them.. Fanastic. I made 365 stars for my friend one star for one day of the year.. i made about 343 stars, that driend of mine made two of them and she didn't know that the stars are meant for her but since she wanted to do it, i will gladly let her do it. Edna made 20 stars for me, i seriously couldn't do any more stars. my hands and fingers were hurting.. after this post, i am back to finishing up my christmas presents. now i am waiting for some of the glue and colours to dry up before i can finally do the rest of the presents or else i will be doing them tomorrow.

anyway, i came back from one part of malaysia quite a long time ago. Over there has many insects and mudskippers. its seriously damn dirty there and their sea is worse. those people actually dump their rubbish under the houses which are on stilts to prevent the sea from reaching their house. some kids living there actually dived inside the sea. while at least they have guts to do it or maybe they are already used to it so we cant blame them and they don't have a swimming pool so they treat the sea as their swimming pool i suppose.. my grandmother's relatives live their or at least two of her relatives live there. one of the house their is damn nice. its considered as the people living there is rich at that side.. that house is made of cement while most of the house is made up of wood planks. we went to see one primary school there.. we entered the school to take some pictures. we actually entered the school without permission, quite bad of us i suppose. after a while we saw a secruity guard nearby and decided to leave the place. when the guard closed the gate, we saw a notice pasted at the gate. it was in chinese and my chinese sucks so i got my uncle to read it to me. it said something like please do not enter the school unless you have an offical reason or an appointment. Once we knew about it we were all like 'oh shit'.. the guard was quite nice, she never chase us out even though Edna keep on saying that the guard chased us out.. she didn't enter the school as a matter of fact. We played pingpong at the "resort". the person in charge provided us with pingpong tables and everything so we played. Sandra and I vs. Stella and Edna. Younger sisters vs. Older sisters. Those two people seriously cannot play pingpong on the table, they seldom hit the table and they kept on hitting the ball far away from the table. Edna said that they won as they had managed to make Sandra and I run for the ball all the time. Sandra and I were like WTH? In the bus ride home, most people were awake for the first one quarter of the bus ride while i was fast asleep. but when they were asleep i was wide awake. With nothing better to do, i decided to listen songs.. after a while, my mum woke up and i complained that i was hungry so she gave me some dried mango snacks thing to eat. after that, i went to the back of the bus which is actually the back platform of the bus. i was already sitted at the furthest part bus where the sits are. i stood over there watching the scenery and listening to music for almost the entire bus ride. it was raining heavily at that time. When we finally reached Singapore, the rain was super bad. some of the roads were actually flooded. the roads in S'pore seldom flood that badly unless there is a heavy rain. sometimes, i wish that S'pore can snow during winter but that is impossible unless there is a mircale and the earth have changed.

oh well, i think i better go now to make my christmas presents.. ta ta.